Mold Removal-


With the nature of mold and fungal growth, there are situations that will arise in which remediation is not an option. In these cases, the only option will be the removal of the affected materials from the property. The reason it is in your best interest as the customer to contact a certified professional for this is there are certain health concerns that come about when removing infected materials. One of the most dangerous forms of Micotoxins (harmful or dangerous mold) is when these spores become aerosolized. Aerosolization is when microbes are spread into the air and the chance of ingestion into the lungs and bloodstream become increased. Certified Professionals have the training and equipment to mitigate these safety concerns, as well as the knowledge of how to safely dispose of the infected materials.

Mold Remediation-


Mold Remediation is the term the industry uses to describe the successful process of removing mold from a component or property via a certified process. With the many challenges and characteristics of mold and fungus, this process is not a blanket solution but instead a dynamic and comprehensive strategy to correct the situation and overcome the damages.