Crawl Space

Crawlspace Encapsulation-


Crawlspace Encapsulation or simply encapsulation is a process used to seal the susceptible components of the crawlspace from the invading spores of mold and fungus. While there are rumors out there that encapsulation is the end all solution to protecting your home from these invasive microbes, that is far from the truth. Encapsulation, if used properly, can absolutely provide extended protection and help deter new growth from starting on the materials. This being said, if materials are encapsulated without proper treatment from an adequate microbe destroying chemical there is still the probability that your problem will not be fixed, instead it will just be covered up and will prevent Certified Inspectors from being able to accurately perform their inspections. This means that even if things are encapsulated, there can still be microbial growth inside the materials, or after a period of time the growth will actually grow through the paint. Think of encapsulation as the keystone to a job done correctly, not an alternative to proper methods.

Structural Repairs-


One of the main concerns for a good home is the structure it is built upon, however most of the time the training and experience involved in knowing the conditions of your structure are hard to achieve. Not only are these parts of your home hard to access, but staying up to date on the best methods for repairs can be hassle. That is where we come in. Beadles has been performing repairs on the structure of homes for years, and due to our experience working in the real estate market we always have to stay up to date on training and requirements per local ordinance. Our on-site inspectors are trained to look for the signs inside the home that things might not be okay in the crawlspace or attic, giving us the chance to locate and perform efficient repairs to bring your property back into proper order. From the floor joists to the rafters, if you suspect an issue with your structure give us a call!